Do You Have A Burning (Or Chilling) Air Conditioning Question You Need Answered?

A general indication is when the filter light flashes. But depending on the environment or the air purity, in a normal domestic situation once every season is adequate.

It is OK to turn the power off, especially if you are away for long periods of time. Most units have a low wattage crankcase heater that keeps the compressor warm. If the compressor is cold, damage can occur at start up. If you turn off your air conditioner at the power point or fuse box, it must be turned on at least 12 hours before use.

Go to the switchboard and turn off air conditioning unit for 30 seconds, and turn back on. Try to turn air conditioning unit back on inside. If it starts up and no light flashes, all good. If it starts up and light flashes again, or doesn’t start up then please call Atack Air Conditioning for further instruction.

During winter, most air conditioners defrost when the outdoor temperature is below 6°C. This mist is normal, it is only warm water vapour being expelled.

The following tips will ensure your Daikin Air Conditioner is both comfortable and economical all year round.

  • During hot weather, turn your air conditioner on early rather than working it harder once your home warms up
  • Adjust the louvers on your split air conditioner so they disperse air downwards when heating and upwards when cooling.
  • Clean the air filter regularly
  • Keep outdoor unit clean from debris and make sure it stays uncovered to keep air flow circulating.